Why OCC Candles?

  Our Brisk and Bake Pour Process 

At Orange Coast Candles, we have coined the unique method of making our candles as the Brisk and Bake Pour Process. Creating candles is a combination of measurement, temperature and time. Our pour process has 15 steps involving one or more of these variables. Other waxes take only 5-7 steps compared to our complex procedure. This is what sets Orange Coast Candles apart from other candle makers. Our innovative process shocks the candles to a cooler temperature once poured, thus increasing the solidifying process. At a predefined time, we extend the solidifying period by maintaining a steady temperature, then slowly reducing it. This creates the unique crystallization effect while enabling maximum scent absorption.

Our candles hold equal fragrance from start to finish  because our Brisk and Bake Pour Process incases the essence evenly throughout the candle. Have you ever smelled a candle with an amazing fragrance before it’s burned, but after just a couple of uses find the scent is gone? This is caused by the extended time manufacturers maintain the wax at high temperatures, forcing the essence to distribute unevenly, or at lower percentages. Automation such as this is impractical and controlling everything by hand is essential. High detail is required for the optimum product.

   Palm Wax  

Palm wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that contains no synthetic petrochemical additives. Palm wax is obtained from the fruit of palm (Elaeis Guinnesis) tree in Southeast Asia and Central America. After years of testing with various waxes, we ultimately selected palm wax due to its beautiful natural crystallization and scent absorption. Although palm wax is more expensive and delicate, its results are incomparable.

Palm Wax offers you a natural alternative to beeswax and soy wax! 

    Essence and Wicks   

Our candles were tested to allow higher scent concentration compared other candles. We tested numerous essential oils and unique blends prior to creating our signature scents. Each and every candle we create holds the maximum capacity of its exclusive fragrance.


We use specialty flat wicks braided with interwoven paper threads. This braiding technique gives them increased stability levels found only in square braided wicks. Our wicks are also treated to reduce soot and afterglow normally seen with wicks containing paper.

We know you will enjoy them!